New York City Travel Guide – Restaurants

I’ve been to New York City twice in the past month so I would consider myself qualified to write a New York City Travel Guide (I’m being 93% sarcastic). Here’s a list of restaurants I can personally attest to (I would never put a restaurant at which I’ve never eaten, I’m not trying to scam you all). I’m planning on adding thrift stores/boutiques that I’ve found in New York that I like, as well as tourist-y type attractions (museums and things of that nature) in later posts.



Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Koelner

Baller German food including massive pretzels (spelled ‘Brezel’ on the menu, bt-dubs), German french fries and the sauces are AMAZING. We got regular ketchup (classic Americans), garlic ketchup (10/10, 100% recommend, it was delicious) and they had two types of mustards that we got that were both spectacular.

It’s pretty moderately priced, especially compared to Manhattan. I think a pretzel was $5 or $6 but honestly if it was $15 I still would have bought it (okay, that might be a stretch but I wanted to emphasize how good the pretzels are).

Overall Rating: 4/5


Black Seed Bagels

If you live under a rock and you don’t know that New York is known for its bagels, then it’s a good thing I told you because the best places in NYC are the ones that sell fresh, hand-rolled bagels. Black Seed Bagel sells seven different types of wood-fired bagels, freshly made every day (you can actually watch them make them in the restaurant). They have every type of topping, spread or salad you can think of from ‘Whitefish Salad, Cream Cheese and Cucumber’ on your choice of bagel to more common choices like ‘Avocado, Egg, Tomato and Spicy Mayo’ on any type of bagel, from plain to Poppy to Rye to Sesame to Everything to Salt to Multigrain Multi-Everything.

The sandwiches weren’t too highly priced for Manhattan. I think my Avocado, Egg, Tomato and Spicy Mayo on an Everything Bagel was between $10-$12. It’s definitely not as cheap as Einstein Bros. but these bagels were so good, and if you can, check and see whatever bagels are fresh out of the oven and get one. Trust me.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 

This picture is from the Black Seed Bagels' website because I was so hungry when I got mine that I forgot to take a picture

This picture is from the Black Seed Bagels’ website because I was so hungry when I got mine that I forgot to take a picture.

John Doe Craft Bar and Kitchen

My mom and I found this little place after we made the hike down 5th Avenue toward the Empire State Building only to find out that it was too cloudy and the view was terrible and not worth paying for a ticket to go up to the Observation Deck. I don’t know why I didn’t think to LOOK UP with my EYES at the SKY and realize it was ugly weather, but I guess I still I had some of that New York City optimism still in me that I got after crossing the Hudson River.

Back to the point, this restaurant was oddly quiet for a Saturday night which at first I thought was concerning, that maybe everyone knew something about this restaurant that my mom and I didn’t, but once the food came out, boy oh, boy was I wrong! My mom and I split the Spinach and Goat Cheese Dip and the Fish and Chips,  both of which were amazing. The Spinach and Goat Cheese Dip was $13 and came with “pita points” which is New York for “pita bread cut into triangles”, and it was worth every penny. The Fish and Chips, “chips” which is European for “french fries”, was $18 and a huge portion compared to what is usually served in New York. And by “huge portion” I mean, a traditional American plateful of food.

Both of these dishes were fantastic, and to top off the night, we tried the brand new Bourbon Bread Pudding which was DELICIOUS. Not sure it was worth $10 but it was darn good.

Also a picture from the restaurant’s website. I was too hungry when the food came that I forgot to take a picture. NYC makes you hungry, bring snacks.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Junior’s (Cheesecake)

Okay…so…this restaurant was kind of…funky. Their specialty is cheesecake…and they should stick to just cheesecake. You know how most restaurants give you a basket of bread or chips and salsa before you order? Here they give you pickles, coleslaw and beets. Not creamy, Southern-style coleslaw. I’m talking shredded cabbage and vinegar. That’s all. Not particularly tasty. It’s overpriced for mediocre food if you’re ordering off the regular menu. BUT THE CHEESECAKE. OH, THE CHEESECAKE. I got the Strawberry Cheesecake and it the topping was a bit weird, it was basically strawberry jello on top of cheesecake, I scraped it off but the CHEESECAKE. THE CHEESECAKE was SO SPECTACULAR. The serving size appears small but it is so rich and tasty that it’s hard to finish in one sitting.

Overall Rating: Actual Food- 2/5 ; Cheesecake: 4.75/5

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any requests for New York tips, feel free to contact me (under the Contact tab 😉 ) I would love to hear from you!