Slave Labor, Thrift Shopping and The Predicament

photo from, check them out if you want straight FACTS about fashion’s contribution to pollution and how we can lessen it.


I feel morally obligated to stop promoting clothes made by slaves overseas (from retailers like Forever 21 and H&M) who work in horrific conditions, for dirt pay and with lack of safety/health standards. One of my potential solutions was to only promote clothes made in the United States, by employees who make at least minimum wage, (if you think everyone in the United States makes minimum wage, trust me, the garment industry figured out a way around the law, as written about in this Washington Post article.) However, clothes made in the United States are generally more expensive, and something I can’t afford the luxury of purchasing every week, and I assume my readers feel the same. So only U.S.A. made clothes are off the table. Then I had an epiphany…


Let me tell you a little something about the glorious activity that is thrift shopping. I’ll make it a list because paragraphs suck and bulleted lists are more fun to read.


  • It’s cheaper! Have you every seen a shirt at a thrift store for more than $6? I haven’t. I find $60 jackets for $4 ALL THE TIME. Save that moola! Go to college! Go on a trip! Get your nails done!
  • No slave labor! When you buy a shirt at a store, the store notices that you (and other buyers) are purchasing that specific product so, they order more. When they order more clothes, someone in a factory in Bangladesh making $0.04 a day has to make those clothes for American consumption. Don’t buy cheap clothes = stores won’t order more = no slave labor.
  • Less Pollution! Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world and the second largest consumer of water. When you buy from a thrift shop, the clothes you buy aren’t making an additional impact on greenhouse gases and other pollutants, like brand new clothes would.
  • More Unique! You can find clothes that no one else will have. How many time have you seen a satin bomber in the past six months? Once trends hit stores like Zara and Old Navy, you can guarantee that within a month, every middle-schooler, high-schooler and hip-mom is going to have it. By shopping at a thrift shop, you can find trends from five, ten or twenty years ago- something no one else will have.
  • Better Quality! Fast fashion is called fast fashion for a reason. The clothes are meant to expire after five washes. Get this- THEY DO THIS ON PURPOSE. THEY WANT YOU TO COME BACK AND BUY MORE. At thrift shops, sure, you can find fast fashion products but there will always be durable, long-lasting clothes available for great prices.


MY CONFLICT: I can’t have a blog where I want you to go out and recreate my outfits, I want you to be able to wear what I’m wearing but my clothes are all one-of-a-kind from a thrift store and I can’t get you an exact copy.

MY SOLUTION: Sell my clothes. I’ve decided to start selling some of the clothes I buy from the thrift store. I’ll feature them on my blog and then offer them on most likely eBay (follow me on Twitter to stay up to date @liaskye_ , I check Twitter more than I check my homework so if you ever need anything, my DMs always open).

I’ll be selling my clothes from my posts but not all of them, tragically I can’t be naked all the time.

Prices: Prices would vary piece to piece, but I’d hope to keep prices relatively low, however I haven’t decided whether or not to offer free shipping and include shipping costs in the purchase price, or charge shipping separately ($5-$7). If you have an opinion one way or the other, comment on this post, fill out the form on the ‘Contact’ page or DM me on Twitter.

Sizes: I’m a 2-4/S-M but I usually buy clothes larger than necessary so my clothes range from S-XXL. I’d also like to buy clothes that don’t fit me per se but if they did, I would wear. I think that would be more inclusive of everyone and of course the clothes would still be my style but could accommodate more people ♥.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it immensely.