Starting as a personal project to insert herself into the fashion industry before the end of high school, LiaSkye is a hopeful platform to launch Lia into the bumbling world of design and fashion. Lia is a photographer, artist and aspiring buyer/merchandiser/designer/whatever opportunity comes along. Surrounded by the business-chic intensity of Washington D.C., neutrals and clean lines are ever present in Lia’s closet. With a passion for both city and sea, Lia’s loves have pedaled her towards an urban-chic and relaxed style, focusing less on current trends and fast fashion and more on personal style and eternal products. With a love for structured fit and basics, Lia’s style is adaptable to any occasion, from formal events to brunch in the park. LiaSkye is hope for an amazing future and wonderful life, just waiting to be explored.


You know, I tried to be chic and cool and classy (what Kim Kardashian would want me to be) and speak in the 3rd person before but honestly, that’s not me. This is me, at the Museum of Modern Art (I like art museums). Truth is, I love Kim Kardashian’s style, I love Chrissy Teigen’s and Taylor Hill’s styles. But I can’t afford it. Who has money for one of a kind Louboutins? Not me! When I originally started this blog, I featured Forever21 and Zara pieces but in the past year I’ve learned more about fast fashion and the immoral practices going on around the world and how these major companies are negatively impacting the environment (and their employees *cough cough slave labor cough*). I’ve tried to gear my blog away from fast fashion and towards alternatives, like buying products made in the United States and shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops. I understand that Made in the USA products are usually more expensive and not everyone can afford them. I get it. I can’t afford them either. So here I like to find pieces I can reuse over and over in different outfits, cutting down the need of an expansive closet. So if you love fashion, you want to try and be a good person and help the environment, then this is the place for you and you’re always welcome here. ♥