Dress Like You’re On An Episode Of ‘Suits’!





What the heck do you wear when it’s not cold yet but it’s definitely not summer-time hot? Long sleeves and skirts! Great. Love it. Best combo yet (besides sofritas and guac from Chipotle). You can easily dress this up or down, with heels or flats (I chose flats because I’m lazy and they’re from my post from the other day 😉 )

Here are the deets:

Skirt- Forever21 

Top- Forever21 (similar)

Shoes – DSW

Set The Bar High And Wear Pajamas On The First Day Of School!

Probably what I looked like curled up in the womb.

In all honesty, I didn’t know these shorts were considered “pajama” shorts until I looked them up online. They don’t look or feel like something you’d sleep in so I guess whoever was naming items at Topshop was just feeling lazy. Also, from a distance, the cacti and succulents on these shorts look like marijuana leaves so keep that in mind when buying them (probably wouldn’t wear them to church but that’s just me, if you do, I won’t judge). If you’re one of those people that follows fashion “rules” and you refuse to wear white after Labor Day, these shorts are cream colored so shut up.

I mean…I guess I’m melodramatic OCCASIONALLY

I just put this one because I look good. You can’t even see most of the outfit lol.


I feel like this is how Kim felt after she exposed Taylor

Here are the deets-

Shirt – Forever21 

Shorts – Topshop

Shoes – DSW

Be Your Best For The BBQ

It’s July 30th and I’m having a mid-summer crisis. It’s almost August, the Sunday of the summer and I have not been to any barbecues. To remedy this, I’m having a birthday party this weekend. “A birthday party? Whose birthday is it?”, you may ask. It’s my dog, Bacardi’s, birthday party. Does she really need a birthday party? No. But did I want to throw her a birthday party? Heck yes. Obviously I’ll need something that I can wrangle a dog while wearing but also something that says “I put some effort into this. Not as much effort as I put into the 200 dog treats I made, but some effort”.

Read through and get inspired.

Steal My Sunshine Mini Dress by Free People, $128 Made in USA

Pockets to hold dog treats? Check. Plus, this denim dress gives the whole, “BBQ, America, Patriotic” vibe which is always good (except for during this time of political chaos which gives me major anxiety but let’s ignore the nightmare that will come this November and distract ourselves with clothes).

After Party Vintage Levi’s 501 Cutoff Shorts, from Nasty Gal, $68.00, Made in USA

Denim, again, always good for the “outdoor” vibe. Let’s be real, wearing denim cutoffs and standing ten feet from a air-conditioned household is about as outdoorsy as I get.

Hey Tonight Cutout Romper, by Nasty Gal, $58.00, Made in USA

Wanna class it up? Maybe take a cute Instagram picture? Maybe your dog is well behaved and not a maniac like mine so you can wear nice clothes without worrying your devil dog will ruin them. This is for you, plus it’s cute and made in the United States.

Leith Faux Suede Lace-Up Mini Skirt, from Nordstrom, $48.00, Made in USA

I was slightly iffy about this one but back to what I said about having a well behaved dog that won’t scratch your clothes to pieces. Or maybe you’re attending a dog party, sans dog, and don’t have any intention of getting dirty playing with pups (which I don’t understand because dogs are great and if you don’t like dogs…what are you doing??).

Emma Shorts, by Brandy Melville, $22, Made in Italy

Loving these red shorts, I probably would wear these as pajamas and regular clothes so honestly, if an item of clothing can double as pajamas and something socially acceptable to wear in public (which, who cares? Wear your pjs in public and have no shame tbh) then I’m already sold.

Walk My Way Thong Bodysuit by Free People, $48 Made In USA

Walk My Way Thong Bodysuit by Free People, $48 Made In USA

I love bodysuits. But bodysuits don’t love me. My torso is too long and my boobs are too small to properly fit a size so I hadn’t been able to find one that fit me perfectly. But this bad boy right here is my new fav. You definitely will have some side-boob action going on but who doesn’t love a good side-boob? Wear these with the denim shorts above or the mini skirt and add some necklaces and you’ll have the best BBQ in town.



Blizzard Looks❄️

I was going to start this post out with a Jonas brothers-related joke about the crazy blizzard that hit parts of the DMV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia- if you didn’t know) and it’s surrounding states this weekend, but basically every single Jo-bro joke I could come up with was already tweeted by one of the million kids off of school. So, I’m no Aziz Ansari (by the way, since I’ve been trapped indoors with my family for 5 days, I’ve watched almost the entire debut season of Master of None- would highly recommend, 11/10) but I do like to put together outfits- SO I DID! Check it out below!

Sweater // Shoes (similar)// Jeans // Coat  (it’s only available in blue now, but still cute!)

Blizzard Looks_DSC0096_DSC0086_DSC0102

(Okay, yes, I did wear a black thermal shirt that may have compromised my look- but it’s COLD)



New Year, New Outfit

Because everyone needs to start the new year with a new outfit.

To be honest, I got these clothes for Christmas but I was struggling with a post-holiday food baby so I didn’t take these pictures until yesterday. That being said, my New Year’s Resolution was actually to exercise. I know, exercise. Crazy, right? Also, this outfit isn’t necessarily the BEST for January, but I sorta-maybe-kinda bought it when the entire East Coast was 80 degrees in DECEMBER… regardless, I love this skirt and I originally had a paired with a light grey/beige sweater (from my trip to the art museum) but I decided to go with the baby blue and olive jacket because honestly, the blue made me feel like an Easter egg and now that Christmas is over, I’m ready for spring.

New Year, New Outfit


Here are all the links for each part of my outfit!

// Jacket  //

// Shirt // (it’s actually not for sale anymore, except in plus sizes [here] but these [ 1 , 2 ]are similar enough, it doesn’t really matter. And depending on the weather around you, you can get the long sleeves/short sleeves or whatever you want, it’s your money I’m not going to tell you what to do with it.)

// Skirt (it’s the same skirt, I swear, I just took the belt out because I wasn’t feeling it) //

// Necklace //

// Bracelets //

// Shoes // (similar)

// Socks //

New Year, New Outfit


New Year, New Outfit


You know, sometimes, stuff isn’t for sale anymore. And it sucks. I feel really bad for making outfits with clothes that aren’t available anymore. But, when I say “close enough”, I’m not being super lazy, it just doesn’t matter if you have the exact piece that I’m wearing. I’m not a Kardashian, it’s not that big of a deal and if wearing a pink crop top makes you feel like an Easter egg and you don’t want to wear a blue one, GO FOR IT. If you want to wear this entire outfit in black, who am I to stop you? I don’t want you to feel like you’re limited to the exact clothes I or any other blogger wear. I want you to know it’s okay to experiment with random clothes and it’s okay to drift from the norm. Sorry that was so deep, but wear whatever clothes you want, it’s your body and you can dress it the way you want.