Skincare Routine

I apologize deeply for not posting regularly, I’ve been incredibly busy with school for the past month and haven’t been able to salvage the time to write up a whole article. The grading period ends in two days so I’ve been cramped with retakes and projects and have barely had time to sleep. Speaking of no sleep, lack of sleep (and water and vitamins and a whole bunch of other stuff) is really bad for your skin. I’ve known for years that poor hydration is a main cause of dull, dry skin. Did this knowledge make me more inclined to drink water all day? Yes, for about a week and then I gave up because I had to pee during every class and my teachers wouldn’t let it slide (public school, amirite, guys?). Just for the record, my skin GLEAMS during the summer, I eat plenty of fruits and drink more than the recommended amount of water (8 glasses a day, btw).  Once school hits, my skin dries out like no other and my acne makes a major comeback.

If you’re like me and you suck at remembering to drink water and have trouble getting the recommended value of nutrients per day, then you need to take extra special care in your skincare.

I’m proud to say that my skin has drastically improved since freshman year of high school and I credit this to a combination of prescription medication and a consistent routine. Here’s my daily skincare routine.



First I wet my hands with warm water and splash (*not like the commercials at all, btw) my face with warm water (get your eye boogers out too).

Then I take my Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser and put a dime sized amount on my fingers tips (if you’re not from the United States and you don’t know how big a dime is, it’s approximately the size of an M&M. If you don’t know how big an M&M is, I’m sorry but there isn’t much I can do for you), and rub it gently on my face.


Mario Badescu Skin Care, Acne Facial Cleanser, $15.00, available at Ulta

Then I just wet a wash cloth and rinse off the cleanser. Not hard at all.


Before I leave, I just put a dime/M&M sized amount of moisturizer on my skin, a bit more in the winter especially – my skin dries out because of the cold air outside and the hot air in my car.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Sensitive Skin, $10.99, available from Neutrogena (and Target)

That’s it. That’s all I do.


Here’s where it gets real. If I could put “Extremely Committed To Nighttime Skincare Routine” on my resume, I would.


I use coconut oil to take off my makeup but I’ve heard it’s not recommended to put coconut oil on your face. It works well for me and I wash it off in a minute or two so it doesn’t clog my pores or anything else that other websites claim it does. I take a small amount (maybe the size of a Swedish fish candy, I’m hungry, can’t you tell?), let it melt a bit, rub it around on my fingertips and then put it directly on my eyelids to take off my mascara/eyeshadow/eyebrow pomade/etc. If you have contacts, I’d recommend taking them out first but honestly, I usually don’t because I’m lazy and willing to risk temporary blindness.


365 Expeller Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, ~$18.00, available at Whole Foods, Amazon


Theoretically, you could put coconut oil on a cotton pad and use that to take your makeup off but if you’re like me, you can just use a piece of toilet paper (clean, duh) and wipe off the oil/makeup residue. I have fancy toilet paper that doesn’t feel like sandpaper (thanks, Mom!) but if your TP feels like rubbing your hand on a cinder block, I would not recommend using it.


Back to what I said about coconut oil clogging your pores- we want to avoid this. Therefore, I use this 365 Cleanser to get the remaining oil off. I just wet my hands/face and rub a generous amount on my face.


365 Daily Facial Cleanser, $5.99, available at Whole Foods

I have super sensitive skin, (which is why I originally started using coconut oil, because it didn’t feel like acid on my skin) and I’ve found that this cleanser is VERY gentle and if you just use your fingers to wash your skin, it’s not irritating and won’t cause over-drying.


If you have really dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend washing your face more than once, but also I’m not a dermatologist nor your mother so you can do whatever you like.

If my face feels particularly oily or I notice some breakouts coming on, I’ll just wash my face once more with the Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser (a Kylie Jenner accredited brand, btw).


Mario Badescu Skin Care, Acne Facial Cleanser, $15.00, available at Ulta


Personally, I use EpiDuo, a prescription spot treatment from my dermatologist but Neutrogena’s On-The-Spot Acne Treatment works just as well.


Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment, $4.49, available at Target

****DO NOT OVER USE SPOT TREATMENTS. It will dry your skin out and make it flake which 1) is super hard to cover with makeup and 2) leaves you more prone to infection/scarring. Use them once every few days for small pimples and possibly every other day for more intense acne but NEVER TWICE A DAY. I did this once and gave myself an acid burn so please don’t overuse it. Do you see that “Maximum Strength Effectiveness”? Yeah, that means you don’t need a lot.


I cannot stress how important moisturizer is, especially if you aren’t properly hydrated in the first place.
It takes just a second to do, so you might as well just do it.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Sensitive Skin, $10.99, available from Neutrogena (and Target)

Hope this helps,

xo, Lia


This year will be my third homecoming and I don’t want to call myself a pro but… I definitely know the rundown when it comes to picking out a dress and shoes and makeup and blah blah blah. I felt bad about not posting as often since school has started (I’m taking 3 AP’s lol RIP) and I wanted to do something new so here’s my idea. YOU get to decide what I wear to homecoming. Although, I’ve picked out my dress and shoes (this idea didn’t hit me until midnight last night and homecoming is in a week so I don’t exactly have time to order a new dress), I wanted to let you all choose my hair, nails and makeup. I know it’s not a lot, but hair and makeup can make or break an outfit. Next time I do something fancy (which isn’t often but not all of us can be Blair Waldorf and attend constant Upper-East-Side brunches), I’ll do a BIG thing with a dress poll and shoes poll (budget-friendly of course) and it’ll be GREAT!

To start, you have to know what my dress and shoes look like (DUH)., Fame and Fortune Black Lace Bodycon Dress, $49 (Made in USA!!!), Fame and Fortune Black Lace Bodycon Dress, $49 (Made in USA!!!)


DSW, Deenal Pump, $89.95

DSW, Deenal Pump, $89.95



Okay, so now you know what my dress and shoes look like, let’s look at my hair choices.

I can go total throwback and do curls like homecoming from freshman year, like this-

Clearly I had never heard of lipstick, probably because Kylie Jenner didn't have lip injections yet, but TY God for getting her Juvederm and me a Kylie Lip Kit.

Clearly I had never heard of lipstick, probably because Kylie Jenner didn’t have lip injections yet, but TY God for getting her Juvederm and me a Kylie Lip Kit.

OR I can go with just light, beach waves, like this-

If I'm being honest, the white of my shorts doesn't match the white of my purse and it kinda bothers me...

If I’m being honest, the white of my shorts doesn’t match the white of my purse and it kinda bothers me.

OR no waves at all (sorry, Kanye) and I’ll straighten my hair, like this-

I'm only using pictures of myself cause ya girl ain't going to jail for copyright infringement HELL NO

I’m only using pictures of myself cause ya girl ain’t going to jail for copyright infringement HELL NO

SOOOOOOO now the fun part, vote for whatever hairstyle you want me to do and I’ll do it because at this point, I can’t make any decisions and I need help.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
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End date 24-09-2016 16:00:00
Poll Results:


Now, the best part, check these eyeshadow looks. Also, I’m using Pinterest pictures so I’m not totally sure if it’s legal but if someone exposes me and I get in trouble, I’m throwing hands.

First up, my girl, Hannah Blair (we’re not really “girls” but I call everyone “my girl” so I’m rolling w/ it). Anyway, she had this KILLER look in her Prom GRWM video, using the TooFaced Chocolate Bar Palette (the palette I use daily btw).

insta: @hannahblairr

insta: @hannahblairr

I have to come up with a name for this *~look~* so I can put it in the poll so let’s call it the BRONZE look.

Look two is my girl, Amanda Steele (also not technically my girl but again, still going with it).

insta: @amandasteele

insta: @amandasteele

I’m gonna call this the SUPER-LASHES AUBURN-Y PINKISH SMOKEY look.

Third, again, Amanda Steele (can you tell I like her?).

insta: @amandasteele

insta: @amandasteele

I’m calling this look the PINK-Y SORTA ORANGE AND RED SMUDGE look.

Okay so these labels aren’t exactly the clearest but I think you get what I’m saying. I also don’t want to spend 80 billion years trying to do a cut crease so smudge-y is really the look I’m going for this year.

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I always say, if your nails don’t look good, you don’t look good. Even though I say that, my nails are chipped 24/7 and I rarely repaint them and I usually pick the polish off in the shower. So what do I know?

I do know that I need your help to pick out a nail color.

OPI, Color: Glitzerland, available at Ulta

OPI, Color: Glitzerland, available at Ulta

OPI, Color: Happy Anniversary, available at Ulta

OPI, Color: Be There In A Prosecco, available at Ulta

I’m trying to keep it simple this year and stick with metallics and nudes.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
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Nail Color

Thank you so, so much for voting! I couldn’t have decided what to wear without your help! (No, seriously, I can’t make decisions. I’m not even sure how I’ve made it this far in life being this indecisive.) I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures this Saturday from Homecoming, so be sure to follow me on Instagram @liaskye and on Twitter @liaskye_ to stay updated!

Love you, so much.



Dress Like You’re On An Episode Of ‘Suits’!





What the heck do you wear when it’s not cold yet but it’s definitely not summer-time hot? Long sleeves and skirts! Great. Love it. Best combo yet (besides sofritas and guac from Chipotle). You can easily dress this up or down, with heels or flats (I chose flats because I’m lazy and they’re from my post from the other day 😉 )

Here are the deets:

Skirt- Forever21 

Top- Forever21 (similar)

Shoes – DSW

Keep It Monochrome

I didn’t even order anything from this restaurant


I feel like a hot au pair


I filed my nails into points so now I feel like a vampire


Some girl was GLARING straight daggers at me when this picture was taken lol

I thought about calling this post “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, but decided against it because I’m pretty sure my mom reads my posts while she’s at work. But anyway, this dress is GREAT (all caps) for fall because it’s thick! It’s probably the first thing I’ve ever purchased from Forever21 that doesn’t feel like paper! It’s a neutral color, so you could easily throw a cute jacket (satin bomber, anyone?) over it and call it a look. The shoes are the perfect (actually, funny story- I went to the store to get these specific shoes and they didn’t have my size and I was too lazy to order them online or go to another store so I just bought shoes that were a size and a half too small and trust me, I am paying for it now) because they are comfortable (if you buy them in the right size) and if you keep them clean, they can look classy. I’m talking Kylie-Jenner-on-a-private-jet classy. And the dress is great because it makes your booty look good which is really the look I’ve been going for lately.

Here are the deets:

Dress – Forever21

Shoes- adidas

Sunnies (wow I feel so European when I call sunglasses, “sunnies”) – RayBan

Set The Bar High And Wear Pajamas On The First Day Of School!

Probably what I looked like curled up in the womb.

In all honesty, I didn’t know these shorts were considered “pajama” shorts until I looked them up online. They don’t look or feel like something you’d sleep in so I guess whoever was naming items at Topshop was just feeling lazy. Also, from a distance, the cacti and succulents on these shorts look like marijuana leaves so keep that in mind when buying them (probably wouldn’t wear them to church but that’s just me, if you do, I won’t judge). If you’re one of those people that follows fashion “rules” and you refuse to wear white after Labor Day, these shorts are cream colored so shut up.

I mean…I guess I’m melodramatic OCCASIONALLY

I just put this one because I look good. You can’t even see most of the outfit lol.


I feel like this is how Kim felt after she exposed Taylor

Here are the deets-

Shirt – Forever21 

Shorts – Topshop

Shoes – DSW